Double Sided Digital Clock (Ethernet Based Double Sided Digital Clock)

Introduction -

Ethernet based Digital clock system This system is designed with a latest technology having a TCP-IP communication facility. In this system, your existing LAN Network will be utilized for time synchronizing.
PC will be connected to your existing LAN network through LAN switch & Dynatek Time Software will be loaded to PC now this PC acts as a Master PC & communicates PC time to all the clocks connected in LAN network. Hence there is no need of a separate Master Clock. Master PC can be provided with GPS receiver to synchronize GPS time. There is no need to keep the PC continuously “ON”, because each slave clock is provided with RTC hence it works as a standalone clock, therefore even though a PC is not in operation for 1 or 2 days all the clocks will show uniform time.

Advantages of TCP-IP Communication facility:--

1) Existing LAN network can be used for uniform time synchronization.
2) There is no need of huge Cabling work.
3) Any no. of clocks can be connected.
4) Network connectivity Status can be checked through PC.
5) Installation & maintenance cost is very low.
6) Time synchronizing software can be loaded to any working PC in LAN
7) There is no need to keep server/ PC continuously “ON”.
8) Converter for PC communication is not required.
9) Each Clock can be assigned individual IP address.
10) GMT offset is settable.
11) Day light saving mode.
12) GPS receiver connectivity.
13) Connectivity Status report generation facility
14) PoE option is available.
15) Audio indication in case of disconnection of any clock from LAN network
16) Three schedules of 50 alarms can be programmed
17) Email receive in case of disconnection of any clock from LAN network
18) Password protected software