Wireless Digital Clock / RF Clock

Wireless Digital Clock

Time synchronization is crucial in today's world... -

Benefits of Synchronized Time: - Consistent and accurate time across an organization keeps things running efficiently and smoothly. In a commercial environment time wasted on waiting for co-workers to arrive at a meeting or training session translates directly into lost productivity. Synchronized time in industrial environments promotes schedule adherence, helping the entire team meet productivity goals. In healthcare facilities, synchronized hospital clocks are critical to daily operations, whether it's checking on patients or delivering medications. Schools and universities rely on accurate timekeeping to smoothly transition students from one class to the next. Dynatek provides a complete solution for these vital needs

Dynatek offers Wireless Digital Clock Systems. -

This system is designed with a latest technology having a RF (866 MHz) based communication facility. This system is provided with “Wireless Transmitter Unit” receiving signal from “SERVER” or “Any Working PC”. This “Transmitter unit” transmit “Time stamp” of “SERVER” or “PC” at particular interval to all Slave clocks through RF signals and correct Time deviation in slave clock. Each slave clock is provided with inbuilt RTC with Lithium battery backup, hence it can works as a standalone clock. Therefore even Master clock is in OFF condition for 1 or 2 days all slave clocks will show uniform time.

Advantages of Wireless clock system:-

  • There is no need of huge Cabling work.
  • Any no. of clocks can be connected.
  • Installation & maintenance cost is very low as compare to Conventional clocks
  • Range of Communication can be increase easily by putting Repeater.
  • Converter for PC communication is not required.
  • GPS receiver connectivity indication