GPS NTP Master Clock

Introduction -

DYNATEK GPS clock is capable for the time synchronization requirements in various industries like Pharmaceutical, Power, IT, Process, Telecommunication sector etc.

DYNATEK GPS clock has a 20 x 4 LCD display for viewing of time parameters, status of GPS receiver parameters and output ports, discrete LEDs in front panel provide status information. The GPS Clock is based with highly accurate built-in RTC chip backed up with on board Lithium battery to maintain time during power loss and instant recovery on power resumption.

DYNATEK GPS clock is a Stratum1 GPS based full featured NTP Server for synchronizing all types of NTP and SNTP clients in LAN. GPS clock provides secured access for device configuration through Window based utility.


  • 12 Satellite parallel tracking
  • 20 x 4 LCD Display with Status LED’s
  • USB Port
  • Universal Time-zone and Local Time zone
  • Supports synchronization NTP/SNTP protocol
  • Universal (AC/DC) Power Supply
  • Highly accurate RTC with Lithium Battery Backup
  • All weather proof GPS Antenna
  • Compact Rack mount Enclosure
  • NTP Client Synchronization software
  • Supporting Timing Protocols: SNTP/NTP


Time synchronization of:
  • Sequence of event recorders, Disturbance recorders
  • Numerical relays, Slave clocks
  • Windows servers PC
  • PC /PLC/DCS/SCADA,ABT metering
  • Telecommunication
  • EMS system, Fault locator


GPS Receiver :
  • Timing Accuracy < 30 µs with GPS Receiver (Receiver is locked on fixed position)
  • Horizontal Position Accuracy (Autonomous) < 5 micron
  • Input Frequency: 1575.42 MHz L1 C/A code
  • Tracking Satellites reception capability: 12 parallel channels
  • Acquisition time Hot Start < 1 sec, Warm Start < 30 sec, Cold Start < 35 sec

Interface and Configuration -
Display : 4 x 20 Character backlit LCD Display
Displayed data : Local / UTC time and date, Day of the week Status of the GPS receiver
Status LEDs : Antenna Connection , Power, GPS Locked
Time signal outputs : 1) NTP / SNTP for slave clock
2) RS 485 clock line to connect
up to 32
3) Serial interface RS 232 for SCADA or PLC
Network interface : 10BaseT / 100BaseTX (IEEE 802.3), Connection: RJ45 Auto-negotiation / manual, IPv4 / IPv6
Hour settings for Display : (12 or 24 format), UTC/LOCAL time display

Power Supply

Input - 90-270VAC / 50 Hz. Or 125-370V
Consumption - 12 W (max)
Output - Power LED status Power
Power Fail Relay output - Relay Rating: AC: 230 V@ 2A DC: 30V@ 2A