LCD Base AMF Controller (AMF - 02)

Introduction -

AMF-02 is an Automatic mains failure module is designed to protect and control Diesel generator. It uses advanced single chip Micro-Controller for an easy and trouble free D.G. set control. It uses Jumbo 16 x 2 LCD display for Read out and memebran keypad for interaction with user for various parameter settings. It has Data logging facility to check every event.


This Unit works in AUTO/MANUAL mode. If mains supply is available unit keeps the Load on Mains. In case of Mains failure or under voltage, Amf Controller will be activated by internal 3 phase monitoring ,if Mains fail for entire START DELAY period the CRANK cycle will be activated . The CRANK and REST period (interval bet'n crank) and crank attempt are settable by user. When Engine takes speed the internal GVM detects the voltage and also check LLOP to make "NC" to "No" to disconnect cranking. After the engine Warm-Up period is ellapsed, load is switched over on D.G. When Mains supply RESTORE and persist for entire Restore delay time the D.G. supply is disconnected after set Time delay ( settable Interchange time delay ) mains.

Supply Is Connected
The engine runs idle without load in cooling time delay before shutdown. In the manual mode Engine START / STOP , Mains /Gen Contactor ON & OFF can be done manually by push buttons. In periodic Test mode D.G. can start for setted duration on particular TIME and weekday. All the parameters like Day,Time and Duration are settable by user. The Generator is protected against any Generator related fault i.e. LLOP,HWT etc. in AUTO / MANUAL and PERIODIC TEST mode . or any electrical fault like Over Load, Mains or D.G. check back or Low / High Mains or D.G. Voltage.

Sailent Features
Most advanced Microcontroller design. Universal supply voltage 6 to 33 VDC.
16 x 2 Jumbo LCD Display Detachable connector to easy onsite installation.
All the TIME DELAYS and other parameters are settble on LCD. Display of Voltage, Current , freq. , Battery Voltage and Current
100 events internal storage memory Date ,Time parameters .
Auto, Manual, Periodic test mode. Run hour meter.
Built in 3 Ph. Vltage monitor for Mains & D.G. View 100 events log facility.
Built in 3 Ph. Over load Protection. Membrans keypad with various colour LEDS.
Built in 3 Ph. Load current monitor. 40 on site programmable parameter.
Mains High / Low voltage Alarm. 8 Isolated open collector outputs.
D.G. High / Low Voltage Alarm. Dual or Single Battery selection for Cranking.
Batttey Voltage monitor Multi crank attempt with Crank and Rest Settable time periode.
Battery LOW Voltage Alarm. Automatic crank disconnection to protect Engine over Cranking.
Battery Current Monitor. Rs 485 Port for Remote loging facility ( Optoinal)
Suitable for both +ve and -ve Digital I/P    

Technical Specifications

Supply voltage : 5 to 33 VDC
Over Voltage withstand : 36 VDC max.
Operating Current : 500 mA Max.
Digital inputs : Optically isolated type suitable for + ve and ve Signal.

Mains AC Inputs -

A.C. input Range : 50 to 260 VAC ( Ph.-- N)
D.G. Input range : 50 to 260 VAC ( Ph.N)
D.G. input Freq. : 50 Hz at rated engine speed
Current Transformer : XXX /5A With supplied Shunt Resistor

Relay Outputs -

Start Relay : 20 Amps/24 VDC
Stop relay : 3 Amps./24 VDC
Hooter :
Mains and Gen Contactor : 3 Amps/24 VDC
Dual Battery selection : 3 Amps/24 VDC
Open Collector O/P : 500 mA Optically isolated.
Other Specifications : Operating Temperature 0 c to 70 c

Relay Outputs -

Mains Failure time Mains restore time
Stop solenoid time Cranking up time
Crank attempts Attemps interval.
D.G. Warm up time D.G. Cooling time
Mains and D.G. Contactor interlock time Mains high/Low voltage
D.G. High/Low voltage Mains high/Low freq.
D.G. High/Low freq. D.G. Battery low alarm set point
Mains/ D.G. Contactor check back facilty on/off Periodic test on perticular Day ,time settable
Dual and single battery selection. Over load current

Alarms for D.G. Faults and Electrical faults / conditions -

D.G. Faults -

Low lub oil pressure High water Temperature
Over speed Oil temp. High
Alarm1 (spare) Alarm2 (spare)
Low battery Engine fail to start

Alarms for D.G. Faults and Electrical faults / conditions -

Mains contactor check back
D.G. contactor check back
D.G. High / Low voltage
Over load current
Auto to Manual mode switching