Fire Engine Control Panel

Introduction -

DYNATEK make Fire Engine Control panel is most compact user friendly, Highly reliable Fire Engine Control System. This is provided with Microcontroller based Diesel Engine Controller “ECR16” with Audio / Visual Alarm and Battery charger with Ammeter / Voltmeter.

ECR 16 Controller is developed to start engine in Auto / Manual mode. In auto mode Controller continuously scans “HYDRANT PRESSURE”, if it drops Controller cranks engine automatically through start relay. When engine reaches to set running condition it is automatically switched over to manual mode to stop the engine manually as per the “FIRE FIGHTING NORMS”. It accepts input faults (Potential free Contact) like LLOP, over speed, over heat, etc. Any one of the input fault occurs, the corresponding LED window starts flashing & gives signal to hooter relay for audio alarm. Hooter is provided in control panel for audio alarm.

Input faults are site selectable (“NO” & “NC”). Dual rate flashing is provided for differentiating the first & subsequent fault. The setting for “ON TIME”, “OFF TIME” & Attempt for CRANK can be done by “DIP SWITCH” provided on the backside of controller. Maximum four attempts can be selected. SMPS Battery charger is provided to charge main & standby battery in trickle & boost mode automatically. Battery charger is automatically disconnected when Engine is in running condition.

Optional facility -

  • Remote hooter connection ( 6 Amp. Max.)
  • Open collector output for repeater panel.
  • RS232/ RS485 port facility.