Gsm Commumnicator

Introduction -

Now days security and remote Alarm is very essential. Dynatek has developed very advanced and economical GSM based monitoring system. It sense I/p From potential free contacts. If PF contact (make to closed) or (make to brake) it sense and send SMS to pre programmed mobile no. (5 Nos.)
Provision for category wise selection facility. For example Engineer : will get all fault SMS, Supervisor : will get only selected Fault SMS

16 X 2 LCD Displa
1) I/P fault
2) SMS sending Event display
3) Any error indication.
4) Signal strength
5) Real Time
All 16 I/P string can be programmed through PC.
User settable Station ID. Code
User can be set RTC at PC Time or Can enter Manually.
World Wide coverage.
32K SIM Card interface.
RTC with calendar.
Echo cancellation and noise reduction.
RS232 or RS485 (optional)interface.
16 I/O Ports are provided.
Isolated supply for I/P fault and system operation.
2 potential free O/P (Optional)